How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop for Collision Repairs

Being involved in a collision is bad enough, but trying to find the best auto body repair shop can be difficult, especially when your insurance company wants you to take it their “preferred shop” and you have no idea if they will address any of the “hidden damage” during the repair process.

In an effort to control their costs, most insurance companies have pre-negotiated rates with some auto repair shops. These “preferred” shops agree to significantly cut their costs in exchange for a steady volume of repairs. And in order to maximize their revenue, these shops churn repairs as fast as possible which usually means cutting corners and avoiding making repairs that are not clearly visible.

But there is good news. Unless your insurance policy states otherwise, you can take your car to any auto body shop you choose. You don’t even have to get three estimates. They ask for it because it saves them money, but you do all the leg work.

So, how do you choose the best auto body shop for collision repairs?  Start by looking for the following amenities that those big-box shops don’t offer and for repair shops that are “preferred” by car owners, rather than just claims adjusters.

No Appointment Necessary

When your car is damaged in an auto accident, you want to get the car repair process started as soon as possible. And you shouldn’t have to wait for an appointment either. So seek out auto body shops where you can bring you car in during their operating hours at a time that is convenient for you without having to make an appointment.

Has Experience Working With Insurance Claims

Finding an auto body repair shop that has experience working with insurance claims is really the key. There are plenty of shops who will take an insurance check, but not everyone has experience negotiating repair claims with insurance adjusters. They will simply do the work that is presented to them. But the insurance adjuster may have “inadvertently” left out needed repairs or incorrectly calculated the amount of required labor to properly repair your vehicle. An experienced auto body repair shop will be able to spot those and other issues to help ensure your vehicle is restored in the condition it was in prior to the accident.

Lifetime Warranty

The auto body repair shop should stand behind their repairs with a life time warranty. This way if any issues arise from their work it will be fixed at no additional cost. This is important because once your insurance company settles the claim and the car is released back to you by the shop, the case is usually closed.

Low-Cost Auto Rental

An auto body repair shop that has made arrangements for low cost rentals while you car is being repaired is a great convenience. This is especially handy if you don’t have a rental provision in your auto policy or the policy only pays a small portion of the rental.

At Jerry’s Body Shop we understand the inconvenience an automobile accident can cause you, which is why our goal is to repair your vehicle to look and drive like it did before it was damaged.  For a free initial estimate, contact us today at 386-736-6321.

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